FUMO® Compliant 4PL -
more legal compliance for business processes (4PL Check)

»Finally: a clear path through the jungle of red tape«

Fourth Party Logistics Service Provider Check: it sounds complicated – and it is. In brief, it means that the compliance of the system integrators between your clients and other logistics service providers is guaranteed. As such, it involves the coordination and organisation of all business processes, throughout the entire value chain. These processes can be found in nearly every company, even if different terminology is used to describe them. As a FUMO® Compliant 4PL company you can rest assured that, also with regard to these processes, you enjoy palpably more legal compliance.

During the on-site audit for FUMO® Compliant 4PL, we assess the following aspects of your operations:

  • Certification and contract law 
  • Social provisions 
  • Quality and organisation 

The steps to becoming a FUMO® Compliant 4PL:

  • On-site assessment of the status quo (duration: one day)
  • Data analysis to confirm legal conformity
  • Outcome report, certificate, and recommendations for further measures
  • Optional: consulting and optimisation
  • Package offer: Ensuring permanent legal conformity with the FUMO® software module