FUMO® Compliant Carrier –
more legal compliance for fleet operators (Carrier Check)

»Ensuring fleet operators can enjoy peace of mind«

Maintaining your own fleet calls for constant quality checks and entails enormous liability-related risks. Violations can result in court-ordered penalties or recourse claims from insurers. As a FUMO® Compliant Carrier, you can effectively avoid common risk factors like fines, penalty points, profit confiscations and criminal prosecution. At the same time, you can verifiably boost quality, minimise risks and greatly enhance your company’s image.

During the on-site audit to become a FUMO® Compliant Carrier, we assess the following aspects of your operations:

  • Certification and contract law
  • Fleet equipment
  • Load securing
  • Social provisions
  • Quality and organisation 

The steps to becoming a FUMO® Compliant Carrier:

  • On-site assessment of the status quo (duration: one day)
  • Data analysis to confirm legal conformity
  • Outcome report, certificate, and recommendations for further measures
  • Optional: consulting and optimisation
  • Package offer: Ensuring permanent legal conformity with the FUMO® software module