FUMO® - Compliance Management System

»Industry solution for legal compliance in transport logistics«

Your comprehensive, one-stop source for legal compliance!

We at FUMO® Solutions GmbH pursue a comprehensive approach, and can offer you a full-scale solution for legal compliance throughout the value chain for transport logistics.

With our three on-site audit options, the modular FUMO® software, and forms and reporting systems consistently tailor-made for the logistics sector, we can give you all the tools you need to achieve a high degree of legal compliance with regard to carrier liability, fleet liability, and the fulfilment of your business processes.

Combining options for getting started and for subsequent expansion stages, we offer a broad product portfolio for transport customers, carriers, shippers and inter-company shipping operators – ranging from the FUMO® Compliant Profile (verified documents, available for download at a branch profile site) to certifications as a FUMO® Compliant Carrier, FUMO® Compliant Shipper or FUMO® Compliant 4 PL (on-site audit) and a variety of software modules. 

The FUMO® Certifications

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The FUMO® Software Modules

FUMO® is a modular, web-based Compliance Management System for transport logistics. It is a software solution that helps your company ensure its interactions with employees, equipment, customers and agents is legally compliant. 



FUMO® is also an expertise database with nearly 500 regularly updated questions, solutions and forms that you can use to perform self-audits. As such, you can access the currently applicable legislation – presented in a concise format – at any time, and can determine the legal conformity of your company’s operations on your own.

Further, the software features a proactive “traffic-light” system that shows you at a glance which tasks still need to be completed (yellow light), where action is urgently required (red light), and in which areas your company’s actions are already within safe parameters (green light).