FUMO® Cockpit

Fulfil legal requirements and minimize liabilities and risks when using forwarding partners

Working with the FUMO® Cockpit enables you an interactive access to the FUMO®  Profiles of your forwarding partners and carriers that have been checked by FUMO®.  Furthermore you are able to manage, monitor and document your duties as a shipper in full compliance with legal regulations. With our traffic light system (green - yellow - red) you can see whether your forwarding partner has currently provided all necessary documents (green), needs to update a document in the near future (yellow) or didn't provide valid documents (red).

Using the FUMO® Managed Cockpit the time-consuming plausibility check of your transport companies is transferred to FUMO®. It's your decision which company should be checked by FUMO®. Just flip the lever over and FUMO® takes care of requesting, archiving and checking the documents of your forwarding partners and carriers.

Your advantages of using the FUMO® Cockpit:

  • Substantially reduced liability-related risk for your company and its decision-makers
  • Important documents, certificates etc. available at a glance (visualized by traffic-light symbols)
  • Relevant legal regulations, important dates and deadlines have already been integrated
  • Schedule management feature using traffic-light symbols and automatic email alerts and notifications