FUMO® - Compliance Management System

FUMO® software modules

FUMO® is a web-based compliance management system for companies involved directly (carrier) or indirectly (customers, shipper and 4PL-Provider) in transport and logistics:

  • Easy to use
  • Compliant with legal requirements
  • A mobile solution for achieving and maintaining compliance

FUMO® offers a modular compliance software solution with an integrated reporting system (including compliant forms and detailed instructions) to ensure your legal compliance.

FUMO® Profile: Your digital business card to provide important trasnport-related documents:

FUMO® profile is your digital business card and allows your company to provide important transport-related documents (e.g. European transport licence, proof of valid transport insurance, proof of the compliance with the payment of the minimum wage) to current and future customers. While using FUMO® Profile, you don’t need to exchange your documents by e-mail anymore because your costumers are able to download the documents from your digital business card.