FUMO® Monitor

Compliance with legal regulations regarding drivers, vehicles, trailers and other assets

Working with the FUMO® Monitor enables an easy monitoring/ checking of delegated and assigned tasks (e.g. checking driver's licence, statutory roadworthiness tests) with a minimum of time and effort during your daily business:

  • Minimum time expenditure and maximum results in daily business
  • Easy monitoring/ checking of delegated and assigned tasks
  • Compliance with legal regulations and quality management
  • Complete verification of fulfilling legal regulations
  • Costumized: Create your own inspection criteria and your own categories
  • The system offers proactive support via a traffic light system as well as an alert e-mail notification when deadlines are approaching
  • Up-to-date: Continuous updating and ongoing development of the software
  • Web-based software: You require only a computer with Internet access and browser
  • Compliant and audit-proof documentation

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Visualization of your legal security with a proactive traffic light system

Using an easy-to-understand, proactive traffic light system (green - yellow - red) you are able to see at a glance whether the compliance with legal regulations in your company is complete (green), which activities need to be completed in the near future (yellow) and where you have an urgent need for action (red). At a red light the driver is not allowed to drive or the vehicle is not allowed to move anymore. Urgent actions are required to comply with legal regulations. At a yellow light you shold check your data as it expires within a certain period of time. At a green light everything is fine and no further actions are required.

Our integrated document management system allows you to store documents and make them accessible to specific target groups.

Easy monitoring/ checking of delegated and assigned tasks to comply with legal regulations

Using the FUMO® Monitor you are able to acess to complementary and mandatory criteria which covers a wide range of legal duties:

  • semi-annual check of driver's license
  • yearly instructions/ trainings
  • vehicle roadworthiness tests (vehicles, trailers, campany cars)
  • service and maintenance for vehicles
  • and many more ...

Of course you are able to create your own criterias if necessary.

Create categories to organize your master data

Using the FUMO® Monitor you are able to acess different categories for organizing your master data:

  • Drivers, vehicles and trailers
  • Contracts
  • Warehouse
  • Forklifts
  • Machinery
  • and many more ...

If your company needs additional categories, the flexible structure of the FUMO® platform makes it easy to create them. And of course you are able to import data via web service or using a MS EXCEL spreadsheet.

Perform controls in time through effective time management

Thanks to the effective time-management-system integrated into the FUMO® Monitor you will no longer miss any deadlines, checks or instructions. The deadlines indicate when the traffic light status of the respective inspection criterion should change from green to yellow and to red. You can either use the deadlines defined by FUMO® or create individual deadlines to be sure that you are informed in time about failing legal regulations and can take immediate actions.