FUMO® Compliant Carrier

Legal compliance for fleet operators

Certified compliance within one day.

Maintaining your own fleet requires constant quality checks and results in high liability-related risks. Violations may result in judicial penalties or recourse claims by insuring companies.

  • Did you noticed all legislative amendments and did you adjust your processes?
  • Did you lose your orientation in the jungle of paragraphs?
  • Do you have any doubt whether you have done everything possible to keep your liability-related risk as a transport manager as low as possible?

Using the FUMO® Compliant Carrier we are able to tell you about your liability-related risks and weaknesses within one day. Through many years of experience, we know what is needed for management processes and where we have to look carefully. You can always rely on us!

As FUMO® Compliant Carrier you are able to prevent yourself from fines, skimming of profits and criminal consequences. Furthermore you achieve a traceable increase in quality, risk minimization and image boost for your company.

By the way..

If you own a FUMO® Premium account, there is one FUMO® Compliant Carrier audit per year included. More information about FUMO® Premium can be found here

Our procedure

As part of the FUMO® Compliant Carrier audit an actual recording (initial audit) is carried out at the client's main location. During the audit FUMO® will check the compliance with legal regulations (e.g. liability as an owner, fleet and warehouse check, overall organization and comissioning of freight companies). After the audit you will be given a detailed audit report with recommended actions and will be certified as FUMO® Compliant Carrier when you met the audit questions. To ensure your compliance with legal regulations due to constantly changing regulations the FUMO® Compliant Carrier audit needs to be carried out on anually.

Become a FUMO® Compliant Carrier