FUMO® Profile -
indispensable for shippers and carriers

»So that your clients can see how outstanding you are!«

The FUMO® Profile is a publicly accessible information site for your company. It also features a collection of FUMO®-verified documents, available for download.

Your FUMO® Profile includes e.g.:

  • EU license / permit
  • Certification of cargo liability insurance
  • Certification of compliance with minimum wage legislation
  • Certification of registered company status / Commercial Registry entry
  • Compliant Carrier certificate
  • IFS certificate / HACCP
  • GDP
  • DIN ISO 9001

Your advantages of using the FUMO® Profile:

  • by using FUMO®-verified documents, you inspire trust among your clients
  • orders placed in the Spot Market do away with the need to send emails or faxes
  • potential clients / shippers can find you on FUMO®, indicating your status as a dependable partner 

We offer the FUMO® Profile in three variants:

As the FUMO® Profile with visual inspection provided by FUMO® Solutions

As the FUMO® Compliant Profile with plausibility check provided by FUMO® Solutions

As a FUMO® Compliant Carrier